How do I add an email address or network share folder to scan to?

Access the web interface on your Sharp MFP. Select [Address Book], then at the bottom of the screen press [Add]. In the Address Registration panel, you may give the address name the identity of the user; check “Register this Address to be added to the [Frequent Use] Index”; then scroll down, you will set it to the Network Folder tab if you use a shared folder or use E-Mail if you use E-Mail for scanning. Next, you may input the path of the folder for Network Share or your user email address. Finally be sure to check “Set as Default used”, and finally press [Submit].

My printer is slow. How do I increase printer speed?

Typically, when your printer is behaving slower than usual, this may be indicative of a network issue. Try restarting your computer. Next, you may also consider restarting your printer. If neither of these solutions improve speed, consult your network administrator.

How do I print envelopes?

To print on envelopes, load your envelopes into the Bypass Tray. Make sure the envelopes are loaded properly into the tray. On the panel, you will need to select [Tray Settings] and select [Envelope]. Paper size is automatically selected; however, you may change this. From the Sharp driver, select the [Paper Source] tab. In the [Output Size], select the size of envelope you choose to print with. Paper type should automatically set to envelopes. You may also set the tray to [Bypass Tray].

How do I default to B/W?

Color can be disabled by default. In the [Copy] screen, the color option will be grayed out. To perform this setup, you will need administrator access. From the settings screen on your device panel, navigate to [Copy Settings]. From here, find [Initial Status Settings]. On this screen, you may change the default color mode to [Black & White]. This process may also be done from the web interface of the machine with the exact same steps. With this mode activated, color can still be used while copying; however, it will need to be turned on. From the [Copy] screen, choose [Color Mode]. From there, you can choose to print in color. When this is turned on, you will see the color option become available.

How do I print from a mobile device?

First, you need to ensure you are connected to the same network as your MFP. You may print directly to the printer but you also have the option to use the Sharpdesk Mobile, a free app provided by Sharp offering you options to print with finisher features.

How do I update firmware on the machine?

Under our maintenance agreement, we provide this for you. Contact our service department and we will send a technician to perform firmware updates for you. If your IT department wishes to perform the update themselves, please notify us and we would be happy to provide assistance.